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Why are we doing this survey?

We need your help to identify the most important questions for occupational therapy research in the UK so we can focus our efforts on answering them.

The survey is open from 5 August to 5 November 2019.

Who should take part in this survey and why?

Your views are important because they will help us to focus on what really matters to you. We are interested in hearing from:

  • people with experience of accessing occupational therapy

  • carers of people who access occupational therapy

  • occupational therapists

  • others who meet occupational therapists during the course of their work.

What do we want to hear about?

Research helps us answer questions about what works and doesn't work in occupational therapy. We want to hear what questions you might have.

There are lots of big issues that affect the way that occupational therapy services are provided (like the availability of services, waiting times, paying for equipment, etc.). This survey is not about these bigger issues, but is about what occupational therapy is and does.

What happens next?

This survey will be open for 3 months from 5 August to 5 November. After this, we will check that your questions haven't already been answered. When we have a long list of unanswered questions, a second survey will ask people to pick those that they think are the most important questions. The final step is a workshop that will concentrate on deciding on which of the 20-30 most important questions picked by the second survey are the top 10. These are the questions that we will focus occupational therapy research on.

We will make the top 10 list of questions available at so that everyone can see it.

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